Wedding Dresses NYC

Wedding Dresses NYC

Wedding is one of the most anticipated events of a woman’s life. It is every woman’s dream to look perfect on that momentous day. This is why choosing among the numerous wedding dresses NYC styles and designs will prove to be a challenge for the bride-to-be.


Wedding Dresses NYC Shopping

Shopping for the wedding dress need not be an intimidating experience if the bride knows exactly what to look for. Here are some useful tips on finding the best wedding gown:

1. Dress style. This is the most important consideration when searching for the perfect NYC wedding gowns. The body type of the bride will determine the style of the dress she will wear. The dress must suit the body shape of the bride. If the style does not fit with the body type, the dress will not be a raging success.

Classic Style A Line Strapless Applique Wedding Dress

Here are 4 body types:

  • i) A bride with an apple figure should wear an A-line gown that fits on the waist and flares at the bottom. This will give the illusion of a slim waist which most apple shaped women lack. A bodice with heavy designs or detailing on the top part will also look well on an apple type figure. Wedding dresses NYC with fish tail skirt design should be avoided since it will not flatter the apple figured woman. A bias cut is the best for an apple shape bride. A straight column dress will look unflattering on her and should be avoided.


  • ii) The hourglass bride is closest to the perfect figure. Think Marilyn Monroe body types. If the bride has this body shape, she can practically wear anything. A fish tail skirt can highlight the curves of an hourglass figure. If you prefer to highlight the bust part, an empire cut will be a great choice. If you want to emphasize the slim waist then a fitted bodice will be a wonderful option. The trick of finding the perfect dress for an hourglass bodied woman is to decide which part to flaunt. It is not a good idea to flaunt all assets at the same time since it will look distracting.
  • iii) The pear shape body is the most common body shape and also the hardest to dress. The pear shaped woman is noticeably larger at the bottom and smaller at the top part. The best asset to highlight in a pear shaped woman is the torso or small waist. Since pear-shaped brides have small bust, it will be best to find a dress that has details on the top part. This will create the illusion of volume and thus making the bride appear top heavy. The best NYC wedding gowns for women with this body type is an A-line halter dress with low cut back.


  • iv) The boyish shape is the one with no curves. Brides with this shape should highlight their long legs. A top heavy with details will be great since it will give the illusion of volume on the bust part.


2. Color. Most brides prefer the traditional white. In most recent weddings however, more brides prefer some color on their wedding dress. This is particularly true for a casual wedding. Brides can choose colors other than white such as red or light blue.